Our Software

Enter your reconditioning steps in our software and assign an employee to each step.

We take an inventory feed from sources like vAuto, FirstLook, HomeNet or your DMS.  Vehicles enter your first step and are ready to be managed and tracked in our software platform. Each step has an allotted time and employees are expected to complete their step within those time parameters.  When completed, the vehicle is moved to the next step in the process.  Our dashboard allows you to easily track your pre-owned inventory while holding employees accountable.

When clicking into a step, you’ll see all the vehicles that are currently assigned to that step.  From here we can locate the vehicle, start an MPI, communicate with other users about this vehicle, track the vehicles progress, or move the vehicle to another step.

When a vehicle is moved from one step to the next, the employee assigned to the next step will be notified on the mobile app or by text message that they are now on the clock and are expected to complete their job in the assigned time frame.

Our reporting features will allow you to better understand your recon process.  Dealerships are able to easily identify bottlenecks and fix broken processes.  You’ll be able to easily manage your reconditioning staff and hold each team member accountable.  When people know they are being measured, they tend to perform at a higher level.